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I had the amazing opportunity to work with Anthony Baltierra on a piece for Neon Tommy about the Oscar nominations.  It was definitely a labor of love!  I feel like I learned so much about the journalistic process, especially with the race to get a story up online these days.  I felt like our story was late when we finally got it up online, even though it was up by 1pm… which may seem early, but after the an hour and a half of sleep I got the night before in order to make it to the nominations announcement at 3:30 in the morning I felt like it was even later than it was.  The actual announcement happened at approximately 5:30am, but I felt like I’d been living, breathing, and loving Oscar for weeks.  As I sat in USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s lobby, I became anxious every time one of the giant, wall-mounted television sets broadcast the outcome of the nominations.  It was fun working against such a crazy, albeit not totally defined, deadline and I would definitely do it again!

Thank you to Tony for being such a pleasure to work with–the vast majority of the write up is all him!  I had a great time honing my filming and editing skills, as well.  Because Neon Tommy is not yet a major media company, my vantage point is not wonderful, but my editing skills have come a looooooong way from my high school days.

PS if you don’t use it, you lose it!  Basically, I hadn’t uploaded anything to YouTube in awhile, so when I was trying to upload my video and it looked weird/ different than when I had previously uploaded videos, I freaked out, but I was doing it correctly after all!  Here it is:


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