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If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade…  And if you make terrible cookies, you make gourmet marshmallows!

I hate my boyfriend’s oven.  It overcooks everything!  I tried to make Funfetti cookies–if you’ve never had Funfetti cake or cookies, you must remedy that immediately–anyway, my cookies came out dry and stiff.  I would eat them, but I would eat most cookies.  I turned them into cookie crumbs in order to make gourmet marshmallows!

I dipped marshmallows into chocolate after melting Tollhouse semi-sweet chocolate chips and a bit of peanut oil in the microwave for 1 minute.  Then I rolled the chocolate-dipped marshmallows in the Funfetti cookie crumbs.  I also melted some vanilla frosting and drizzled it over the chocolate-dipped, cookied marshmallows!  They were fantastic and definitely a great way to save my terrible cookies!


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